Kalamazoo S660MV 6 x 60 Inch Sander with Collector

Kalamazoo S660MV 6 x 60 Inch Sander with Collector


Kalamazoo S660MV 6 x 60 Inch Sander with Collector

The Kalamazoo S660MV 6 x 60 inch sander delivers professional-grade results with a powerful dust collection system. Its ample belt tackles a variety of materials with speed and precision, keeping your workspace clean and healthy.

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This item: Kalamazoo S660MV 6 x 60 Inch Sander with Collector
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S660mv 6 x 60 Inch Sander with Collector Features

  • Motor specifications: 3 HP 1PH or 3PH motor.
  • Sander single phase amp draws: 115V 24 amp and 220V 12 amps.
  • Sander three phase amp draws: 220V 8.4 amps and 440V 4.2 amps
  • Vacuum single phase amp draws: 115V 11.8 amps and 230V 5.9 amps.
  • Vacuum three phase amp draws: 230V 2.8 amps and 440V 1.4 amps.
  • Industrial dust collector with clean our access door
  • Vacuum CFM specifications: 400 CFM
  • Replaceable steel mesh filter
  • Belt size specifications: 6″ x 60″ 
  • Switch Specifications: ON/OFF switches
  • Steel belt guard with access door for fast belt change. 
  • Multi-position sanding head
  • Coupling 
  • Steel coupling guard
  • Preset spring belt tension
  • Quick one-lever abrasive belt changing!
  • Reversible and replaceable steel platen
  • Cast iron work table with 5/8th inch slot
  • Shipping dimensions: L 42″ x W 45″ x H 67″
  • Shipping weight: 600 lbs.

6 x 60 Inch Sander with Collector

  • Beveling: Create angled edges on wood or metal for decorative or functional purposes.
  • Deburring metal: Remove sharp edges and burrs after cutting, leaving a clean, safe finish.
  • Shaping and smoothing: Transform rough wood or metal into desired shapes with a smooth surface.
  • Squaring up ends: Achieve precise, 90-degree cuts on stock material for accurate joinery.
  • Rounding flat corners: Soften sharp corners for safety, aesthetics, or to prepare for further work.
  • Aggressive metal removal: Quickly take down material, reducing the need for rough grinding.
  • Flattening uneven surfaces: Create level surfaces on warped or uneven workpieces.
  • Cleaning up welds: Remove excess material and smooth welds for a seamless finish.
  • Finishing wood: Achieve a smooth, ready-to-paint or stain surface on various wood types.
  • Removing rust and paint: Strip away old finishes from metal, preparing it for restoration.

Kalamazoo 6 Inch Belt Sander Options

  • MG-6 mitre gauge.
  • 12-P plain top steel stand
  • KB660100 6″ x 60″ 100 grit belts
  • KB66080 6″ x 60″ 80 grit belts
  • KB66050 6″ x 60″ 50 grit belts

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Replacement Parts

S660MV 6×60 Belt Sander Repair Parts In Stock! Get your sander running again fast. Kalamazoo, MI 49048. Order your dust collector parts today.


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