Kalamazoo K12-14B 14 Inch Metal Chop Saw

Kalamazoo K12-14B 14 Inch Metal Chop Saw


Kalamazoo K12-14B 14 Inch Metal Chop Saw

The K12-14B 14-inch heavy-duty abrasive chop saw delivers powerful cuts through mild steel, pipe (up to 3″), angle iron, and more. Its 5HP motor and 14″ abrasive wheel ensure speed and efficiency.




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This item: Kalamazoo K12-14B 14 Inch Metal Chop Saw


K12-14B 14 Inch Metal Chop Saw Benefits

Get ready to make metal cutting easier with the Kalamazoo K12-14B! This tough industrial production saw is made to cut steel with power and increased productivity. It works great on stuff like pipes and angle iron. The big motor and 14 inch blade mean you can cut things fast and without rough edges. This reliable tabletop production saw will help you get more done in your workshop!

14 Inch Metal Chop Saw Features

  • 5 HP  1 PH 220V only and or 5HP  3 PH 220 or 440V (please specify voltage at the time of order).
  • 3PH amp draws: 230V 12 amps and 440V 6 amps
  • 1PH amp draw 19.5 amps
  • Cutoff wheel diameter: 14″ (abrasive wheels only)
  • Extra-heavy cast iron base
  • Extra-heavy cast iron trunnion 
  • Extra-heavy cast iron saw arm
  • Sealed spindle ball bearings
  • Steel-hinged wheel guard
  • Magnetic on/off push button switch
  • 1″ wheel arbor (1.25 spindle also arbor available)
  • Material capacities: 2.5″ solid round stock and up to 3″ pipe. NOTE: capacities are based on mild steel.
  • Spindle RPM: 4400
  • Drive: Dual V-belt driven
  • Replaceable v-belt guard
  • Adjustable backstop
  • Replaceable v-belt guard, saw handle, vise, and vise jaws
  • Machine shipping dimensions – L 38″ x W 36″ x H 36″
  • Machine shipping weight: 250 lbs.

14 Inch Metal Chop Saw Accessories

  • Maximize Performance:
    • V-belt Tension Tool (051-035): Keep your saw running smoothly with this essential tool for proper belt tensioning.
  • Cut with Confidence:
    • KAB14R 14″ Abrasive Cutoff Wheel: Designed specifically for mild steel to ensure cleaner cuts.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    • KW1 14″ Spindle Wrench: Simplify abrasive wheel changes and other maintenance tasks.

Cut a Variety of Steels with This Industrial Chop Saw

  • Mild Steel:

    • Low-carbon steel: The most common and versatile type of steel.
    • Structural steel: Used for building frames, beams, etc.
    • Steel plate: Flat sheets of steel in various thicknesses.
    • Angles, channels, and other steel shapes: Commonly used in construction and fabrication.
  • Other Steels:

    • Stainless Steel: Offers more corrosion resistance; some grades may be harder to cut.
    • Alloy Steels: Steel mixed with other elements (chromium, nickel, etc.) for enhanced properties depending on the specific alloy.
    • Tool Steels: Designed for hardness and wear resistance, often used in cutting tools.

Important Notes:

  • Material Thickness: The K12-14B has maximum thickness limits for each type of steel. Refer to its specifications for details.
  • Abrasive Wheel Matters: The type of abrasive wheel used impacts the saw’s ability to cut harder materials. Consult Kalamazoo Industries for the best wheel recommendations for your specific needs.

Keep Your Saw Running Smoothly: Essential Replacement Parts

  • Spindle Assembly (702-004): Ensure precision cuts with this ready-to-install spindle.
  • Spindle Bearings (044-001): Maintain optimal saw performance and longevity.
  • V-Belt (051-006): Replace worn belts to keep your saw cutting at full power.
  • Cam Lock Vise (912-015): Secure your workpieces for accurate and safe cuts.

Fast Shipping, Easy Ordering

Stock up on these essential K12-14B 14-inch industrial chop saw replacement parts. Most orders ship within a few business days. Click here to buy replacement parts today.


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