Specialty equipment custom made for your application

Specialty Abrasive Saws, Belt Sanders, and Belt Grinders

Are you looking for a specific cut and or certain finish? Do you have to complete certain metallurgical sectioning cuts? Do you need to complete certain sanding job and or grinding job in a certain amount of time? Does your material have a unique size, shape, and hardness? Most Kalamazoo Industries Inc., standard abrasive saws, metallurgical sectioning saws, belt sanders and belt grinders can be modified to meet your manufacturing and fabrication needs.

  • Our abrasives saws sizes range from 7″ up to 44″.
  • Our belt sanders range from 1″ up to 14″
  • Our belt grinders range from 2″ up 6″

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Check out our various specialty equipment: Custom saws, custom sanders and custom grinders that Kalamazoo Industries has manufactured for our customers.