Kalamazoo S8HD 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander

Kalamazoo S8HD 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander


Kalamazoo S8HD 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander

The Kalamazoo Industries S8HD is a powerful horizontal sander built for demanding applications. Its 8″ x 60″ belt, 7.5HP 3-phase motor, and heavy-duty steel stand ensure robust performance and stability on a variety of materials.

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S8HD 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander

Transform your sanding experience with the Kalamazoo S8HD, the versatile 8 x 60 inch industrial horizontal belt sander! This robust powerhouse is specifically engineered to conquer tough sanding jobs. The powerful motor and large belt work together seamlessly, allowing you to smooth and deburr metal, shape wood, and tackle a variety of other materials with ease. This versatile belt sander is built to last, featuring a sturdy steel construction that can withstand demanding use. Additionally, the user-friendly controls and precise sanding belt tracking system simplify operation and deliver exceptional control. Ready to experience effortless sanding and professional-looking finishes on a wide range of materials? Get your Kalamazoo S8HD today!

8 x 60 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander Features

  • Motor specification: 7-1/2 HP 3 PH 230V and or 460V motor (specify voltage at the time of the order).
  • Abrasive Belt: Accepts standard 8″ x 60″ sanding belts.
  • Belt Tracking: Single-knob adjustment for precise belt alignment.
  • Air Regulation: Integrated air regulator with PSI gauge for accurate tension control.
  • Surface Speed: 3500 SFPM belt speed for efficient material removal.
  • Convenient Controls: Air regulator with integrated PSI gauge for easy tension monitoring.
  • Durable Construction: All-steel construction for longevity and stability.
  • Drive System: Twin v-belts and pullies driven machine
  • Replaceable and reversible steel platen
  • Platen working surface 8″ x 13″
  • Magnetic controls
  • 24V at on/off switch with belt jog selector switch
  • Shipping dimensions: L 57″ x W 39″ x H 60″
  • Shipping weight: 900 LBS.

Essential Accessories for Your S8HD Belt Sander

  • KB86050 8″ x 60″ 50 grit abrasive sanding belts
  • KB86080 8″ x 60″ 80 grit abrasive sanding belts
  • KB860100 8″ x 60″ 100 grit abrasive sanding belts

The S8HD Belt Sander: Applications & Capabilities

Shaping & Finishing:

  • Beveling and rounding edges
  • Creating flat surfaces
  • Smoothing and blending

Deburring & Clean-Up:

  • Removing sharp burrs from metal
  • Rust and old finish removal
  • General surface preparation tasks

Material Versatility:

  • Effective on wood, metal, and select composites.

Keep Your S8HD Running Smoothly: Stock These Spares

Parts are in stock for the S8HD 8 x 60 inch horizontal belt sander and typically ship out in a few business days. Click here to buy your replacement sander parts. 

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