563-048 Knife Makers Platen: 1SMVP Belt Sander

563-048 Knife Makers Platen: 1SMVP Belt Sander


563-048 Knife Makers Platen: 1SMVP Belt Sander

Transform your Kalamazoo 1SMVP belt sander into a knife-sharpening powerhouse with the 563-048 Knife Makers Platen. This American-made marvel of metal boasts features that will have your blades singing like never before.

563-048 1SMVP Knife makers platen, 1 X 42 Inch Multi Position Sander
This item: 563-048 Knife Makers Platen: 1SMVP Belt Sander


563-048 Knife Makers Platen Features

Double the Sanding Surface, Double the Possibilities:

  • Two dedicated sanding locations: No more fiddling with attachments! This platen offers a primary position on the mounting bracket, perfect for general sharpening. Then, switch things up and utilize the extended platform that accommodates the full belt width. This lets you reach all the way up to the hilt, ensuring no inch of your blade is left neglected.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship:

  • Built to last: Forget flimsy contraptions. The 563-048 is constructed from solid steel, guaranteeing unwavering stability and precision during even the most demanding sharpening tasks.
  • Fine-tune your edge: The platen’s front to back adjustable design allows you to tailor the sharpening angle to your exact needs.

Sharpen with Confidence:

  • Made in the USA: This platen isn’t just built to last, it’s built with pride. Knowing it’s crafted with American quality and ingenuity gives you peace of mind and the confidence to tackle any sharpening challenge.
  • Easy replacement: Life happens, and even the sturdiest tools can take a tumble. But fear not! The 563-048 is designed for easy replacement, so you can get back to sharpening in no time.

More than just a platen, this is an invitation to unlock the full potential of your blades. Elevate your sharpening game, experience the satisfaction of a perfectly honed edge, and rediscover the joy of using a truly exceptional knife.

Upgrade your Kalamazoo 1SMVP today with the 563-048 Knife Makers Platen and let your blades sing their sharpest song.

Features at a glance:

  • All-steel construction for unwavering stability
  • Two dedicated sanding locations for versatility
  • Adjustable design for precise angle control
  • Made in the USA with quality and pride
  • Easy replacement for worry-free sharpening

Don’t settle for dull. Choose the 563-048 and sharpen your way to blade nirvana.

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