KS390 3 x 90 Inch High Speed Grinder

KS390 3 X 90 Inch High Speed Grinder

Unleash the beast within your metal! The Kalamazoo KS390 isn’t just a 3 x 90 inch high-speed grinder, it’s a metal-mauling monster. This 2 or 3 HP beast chomps through heavy jobs with a 7200 SFPM belt, leaving a smooth, satisfied purr in its wake. Deburr, bevel, conquer corners – the KS390 hungers for it all. Built like a tank with quick-change belts and an adjustable head, it’s as easy to love as it is to use. Don’t settle for wimpy grinders, tame the metal beast with the Kalamazoo KS390. Order now and let the sparks fly!

KS390 3 X 90 Inch High Speed Grinder Features

  • Motor specifications: 2 HP- 1PH 230V (only) and or 3 HP 3 PH 230V or 460V motor (specify at time of order).
  • 1PH amps: 115V 23 amps and 230V 11.5 amps
  • 3PH amps: 208V 7.9 amps, 230V 7.2 amps and 460V 3.6 amps
  • Steel platen specifications: 24-1/2″ long steel reversible and replaceable platen.
  • Direct drive.
  • Replaceable contact wheel specifications: 8″ OD x 3″ serrated 70 duro with sealed ball bearings. 
  • Switch type: on/off magnetic switch. 
  • Belt size: 3″ x 90″.  All belt types can be used.
  • Pre-set spring belt tension.
  • Quick release belt tension release lever.
  • Easy belt tracking.
  • Material word stop.
  • Removable steel platen guard.
  • Adjustable steel work table.
  • Adjustable belt grinder head.
  • Hinged door on grinder head for quick belt and change. 
  • Multi-position horizontal through vertical.
  • Steel base.
  • Belt speed: 7200 SFPM
  • Machine shipping dimensions: L 48″ x W 57″ x H 52″
  • Machine shipping weight: 500 lbs.
  • Made in USA

Designed To The Following 

  • Bevel: Create perfect bevels on any metal surface.
  • Deburr: Remove unwanted burrs and edges with ease.
  • Squaring up ends: Getting squared when grinder properly every time.
  • Rounding corners: Add a touch of style with rounded corners.
  • Flatwork: Achieve a smooth, polished finish on any flat surface.
  • Contouring: Create custom contours with precision.
  • Heavy metal removal: Power through thick metal with ease.
  • Aggressive grinding: Take on the toughest grinding jobs.
  • Sharpening: Keep your tools razor-sharp.

Part Replacement 

KS390 3 x 90 inch high speed grinder high quality parts are in stock and shipped from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Click here to buy your 3 x 90 inch belt grinder parts. 

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