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S8HW 8 x 60 Inch industrial horizontal wet belt sander

S8HW 8 x 60 inch horizontal wet belt sander is designed for manufacturing facilities that require heavy duty equipment that allows for cool metal removal and material analysis.

This 8″ x 60″ industrial belt sander features 7.5HP motor, air belt tension, 28″ x 10″ work surface, reversible platen, easy part replacement, v-belt driven, reversible and replaceable steel platen, pump and tank system.

S8HW 8 x 60 inch industrial wet belt sander specifications

  • 8″ x 60″ belt, air tension, 40-50 PSI reqd.
  • 7-1/2 HP, 3 PH motor, 220/440/575 , also 50HZ, CE
  • Sander amp draws: 208V is 20 amps, 230V 19.5 amps and 460V is 9.5 amps
  • Pump amp draws: 230V is .9 amps 460V .52 amps
  • Twin V-belt drive
  • Replaceable and reversible steel platen
  • Pump and tank system.
  • Platen working surface 8″ x 13″
  • Dimensions: L 35″ x W 24″ x H 34″,
  • Shipping dimensions: L 57″ x W 52″ x H 74″
  • Shipping weight: 1000 lbs.

Other 8 x 60 inch belt sander models

This machine is great for but not limited to the following applications

  • Bevel an Deburr
  • Square and End
  • Round Flat Corners
  • Flattening
  • Polishing

Where this equipment can be used

S8HW 8 x 60 Inch industrial horizontal wet sander has applications in the following industries: Energy, Oil/Natural Gas, Petro/Chemical, Knife Manufacturing, Automotive, Metal Foundries, as well as many other Manufacturing and Fabrication environments.

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