Kalamazoo S8D 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Sander

Kalamazoo S8D 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Sander


Kalamazoo S8D 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Sander

The S8D 8 x 60 inch industrial belt sander delivers power and versatility for demanding sanding tasks. Its 7.5HP motor, 3500 SFPM belt speed, and adjustable features ensure rapid material removal and precision results.


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This item: Kalamazoo S8D 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Sander
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Horse Power, Phase and Voltage


Kalamazoo S8D 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Sander Features

  • Powerful Motor: 7.5 HP motor, available in 3 PH 230V or 440V (specify when ordering).
  • RPM: 1725 motor RPM for efficient material removal.
  • Belt: 8″ x 60″ belt for versatile sanding.
  • Construction: Heavy-duty steel stand and frame for durability.
  • Drive System: Twin V-belt drive and sealed bearing idler pulley for smooth power transfer.
  • Safety: Removable V-belt guard and magnetic controls for safe operation.
  • Controls: Easy-to-use 24V on/off switch with jog button.
  • Belt Tension: Air-powered belt tensioning (40-50 psi required) for quick adjustments.
  • Bearings: Sealed ball bearings for long life and reduced maintenance.
  • Tracking: One-knob belt tracking for accurate sanding.
  • Platen: Reversible and replaceable steel platen for extended use.
  • Work Area: 8″ x 13″ work area for flexibility.
  • Table: Adjustable 8″ x 12″ cast iron table with 5/8″ miter gauge slot for precision work.
  • Shipping: Shipping weight: 750 lbs., Shipping dimensions: L 38″ x W 38″ x H 74″

Tackle Metalworking and Sanding Jobs Faster with This Production Sander 

  • Beveling, Deburring, & Shaping: Shape metal edges, remove imperfections, and create precise forms.
  • Squaring, Flattening, & Smoothing: Ensure accurate cuts, level surfaces, and achieve a refined finish.
  • Heavy Metal Removal: Efficiently tackle tough jobs with powerful sanding.
  • Polishing & Cleaning: Create a smooth, reflective shine and remove rust or old coatings.

8 x 60 Inch Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt Options

  • 8″ x 60″ Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt – 50 Grit [KB86050] 
  • 8″ x 60″ Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt – 80 Grit [KB86080] 
  • 8″ x 60″ Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt – 100 Grit [KB860100]

Maintain Peak Performance: Replacement Parts for 8 x 60 Inch Industrial Sander

  • Idler Pulley (560-024): Keeps belt running smoothly with sealed bearings.
  • Drive Pulley (560-023): Transfers power from the motor for efficient sanding.
  • Replacement V-Belt (051-011): Ensures optimal power delivery.
  • Belt Tension Cylinder (131-020): Allows for quick and easy belt adjustments.


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