Kalamazoo S460D 4 x 60 Inch Vertical Sander

Kalamazoo S460D 4 x 60 Inch Vertical Sander


Kalamazoo S460D 4 x 60 Inch Vertical Sander

The Kalamazoo S460D is no ordinary belt sander. This industrial powerhouse boasts a 4 x 60 inch sanding belt and a beefy motor, making it the ultimate tool for tackling demanding tasks in your workshop.


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This item: Kalamazoo S460D 4 x 60 Inch Vertical Sander


Kalamazoo S460D 4 x 60 Inch Vertical Sander

The Kalamazoo S460D is not your average belt sander. This industrial workhorse is built to handle the toughest sanding jobs in your workshop, thanks to its powerful motor and a massive 4 x 60-inch sanding belt . Whether you’re doing general cleanup or heavy-duty sanding, the S460D’s adjustable work table and easy belt tracking ensure a smooth and efficient sanding experience . Plus, with its full safety guard, you can work with confidence knowing you’re protected. If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance belt sander, the Kalamazoo S460D is the tool for you.

Sander Technical Features


  • Power: 1HP  1PH or 3 phase (specify voltage and phase at time of order)
    • 1PH 110V: 11.8 amps
    • 1PH 220V: 5.9 amps
    • 3PH 220V: 2.8 amps
    • 3PH 440V: 1.5 amps


  • Size: 4″ x 60″
  • Speed: 3600 SFPM
  • Drive: Direct
  • Tracking: Spring
  • Tension: Pre-set spring, with relief handle


  • Frame: Steel outer, cast iron inner
  • Platen: Reversible and replaceable steel (4″ x 17″)
  • Work Table: Adjustable cast iron with 5/8″ gauge slot
  • Bearings: Sealed ball bearings in idler (top) pulley
  • Guard: Full OSHA steel guard

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Shipping Dimensions: 28″ L x 23″ W x 42″ H
  • Shipping Weight: 175 lbs


  • On/Off Switch

Sanding Techniques and Functions


  • Deburring: Removing sharp edges and imperfections left by cutting or machining.
  • Edge finishing: Creating smooth, rounded, or chamfered edges.
  • Rust removal: Grinding away surface rust for a clean finish.
  • Weld grinding: Smoothing and blending weld seams for a professional look.
  • Polishing: Achieving a high shine on various metal surfaces.


  • Stock removal: Smoothing rough lumber to the desired thickness.
  • Leveling: Removing unevenness and high spots for a flat surface.
  • Shaping: Creating curves, contours, and bevels on wood pieces.
  • Edge sanding: Smoothing and refining edges after cutting or routing.
  • Finishing sanding: Preparing wood for paint, stain, or lacquer by achieving a smooth, scratch-free surface.

Other Functions:

  • Sharpening tools: Rejuvenating edges on knives, chisels, and other tools.
  • Removing paint or glue: Stripping unwanted coatings from various surfaces.
  • Smoothing concrete or stone: Light surface smoothing or minor reshaping.
  • Restoring furniture: Removing old finishes and preparing for refinishing.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Contour sanding: Sanding curved surfaces while maintaining their shape.
  • Hollow grinding: Creating concave grooves or channels in materials.
  • Satin finishing: Achieving a soft, low-sheen finish on wood or metal.
  • Buffing: Polishing to a high shine using specialized buffing wheels.

S460D 4 x 60 Inch Vertical Sander Accessories & Replacement Parts


  • KB46050 4″ x 60″ 50 grit aluminum oxide belt
  • KB46080 4″ x 60″ 80 grit aluminum oxide belt
  • KB460100 4″ x 60″ 100 grit aluminum oxide belt
  • Variable speed frequency drive

Replacement Parts

Parts for the S460D 4 x 60 inch vertical table sander are in stock and usually ship in a few business days.  Click here to go to the online replacement parts store. 

Sander Documents

Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts


S460D 4″ x 60″ Belt Sander FAQ 

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