The 960-006YA Belt Sander Yoke Assembly is a vital component for 6 x 48 inch and 6 x 60 inch wet and dry belt sanders. It serves as the mounting platform for the idler pulley and tracking knob within the sander’s frame, facilitating belt tracking and smooth operation.



The 960-006YA belt sander yoke Assembly is essential in all 6 x 48 inch and 6 x 60-inch wet and dry belt sanders.  It plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and precision of these sanding machines.  This assembly is designed to securely hold critical components, ensuring optimal performance during sanding operations.


  • Cast Iron Yoke: This yoke assembly is constructed from durable cast iron, known for its robustness and resistance to wear and tear.  The cast iron material provides stability and longevity, making it ideal for the demanding conditions of belt sanding.
  • Steel Tension Shaft: The assembly features a steel tension shaft, which provides the necessary structural strength to handle the tension and pressure applied to the sanding belt.  Steel’s resilience ensures the yoke assembly can withstand the rigors of belt sanding.
  • Drilled and Tapped Holes for Belt Tracking Hardware: The yoke assembly includes strategically drilled and tapped holes to enable belt-tracking adjustments.  These holes allow for the secure attachment of belt tracking hardware, ensuring the sanding belt stays aligned throughout the operation.
  • Drilled and Tapped Hole for Belt Tension Release Hardware: The assembly incorporates a drilled and tapped hole for efficient belt tension control.  This feature allows for installing belt tension release hardware, simplifying adjusting and releasing belt tension during sanding tasks.

Suggested Additional Replacement Parts:

  • 560-016IPA Idler Pulley Assembly: This replacement part ensures smooth idler pulley operation, contributing to even and efficient sanding.  It complements the yoke assembly for improved belt tracking.
  • 560-015 Drive Pulley: The drive pulley is crucial for transferring power to the sanding belt.  Replacing it when worn or damaged helps maintain consistent sanding performance.
  • 563-002 Reversible 6 x 48 Inch Steel Platen: This steel platen provides a flat and sturdy sanding surface, essential for achieving precise and uniform workpiece results. Its reversibility extends its lifespan.
  • 563-023 6 x 60 Inch Reversible Steel Platen: Similar to the 6 x 48-inch version, this reversible steel platen ensures a flat and stable sanding surface for larger workpieces, enhancing sanding quality.
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