Kalamazoo 2FSM 2 x 48 Inch Abrasive Sander

Kalamazoo 2FSM 2 x 48 Inch Abrasive Sander


Kalamazoo 2FSM 2 x 48 Inch Abrasive Sander

Dominate any sanding task, from woodworking to metalworking, with the versatile 2FSM belt sander powerhouse. Conquer projects with ease and precision, no matter your shop size.


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This item: Kalamazoo 2FSM 2 x 48 Inch Abrasive Sander


Kalamazoo 2FSM 2 x 48 Inch Abrasive Sander

The 2FSM 2 x 48 inch belt sander is a powerful and versatile machine designed for tackling a variety of sanding projects. Its robust 1/2 HP motor effortlessly sands wood, metal, plastic, and more, making it ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Experience the difference a powerful sander can make in your workshop.

Sander Specifications


  • 1/2 HP, 1PH, 115V TEFC motor (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
  • Comes with cord and 115V plug
  • On/Off toggle switch


  • Size: 2″ x 48″
  • Speed: 4500 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute)
  • Easy belt change handle for quick replacement
  • Pre-set belt tension with one-knob tracking adjustment


  • All-metal construction for durability
  • Multi-position sanding head (horizontal, vertical, or any angle in between)

Work Table and Platen:

  • Steel adjustable tilt work table
  • Dimensions: 5″ W x 2.5″ D
  • Removable steel adjustable platen
  • Platen size: 2.75″ W x 8″ H


  • Removable and replaceable metal  hinged guard

2FSM 2 x 48 Inch Abrasive Sander Can Sand The Following 

The Kalamazoo 2FSM 2″ x 48″ belt sander is a versatile tool capable of sanding a variety of materials when equipped with the appropriate sanding belt:

  • Wood: Hardwood, softwood, plywood, lumber, veneers
  • Metal: Steel, aluminum, brass, copper
  • Plastics: Acrylic, PVC, nylon
  • Fiberglass: For finishing or repair

What Can You Do With The 2FSM Abrasive Sander

The 2FSM Abrasive Sander is a versatile tool used for various applications:

  • Deburring: Smoothing rough edges and surfaces of metal, plastic, and other materials.
  • Rust removal: Cleaning rust and corrosion from metal surfaces.
  • Tool sharpening: Sharpening various tools like blades and chisels.
  • Slack belt sanding: Sanding curved or contoured surfaces.
  • Paint removal: Stripping paint and other finishes from surfaces.
  • Beveling: Creating angled edges on materials.
  • Squaring ends: Making ends of materials perfectly square.
  • Rounding corners: Smoothing sharp corners on materials.
  • Flatwork: Sanding flat surfaces to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Contouring: Sanding curved or irregular shapes.
  • Finishing work: Final sanding to achieve a polished surface.
  • General metal removal: Removing excess material from metal workpieces

Enhance Your Sanding Experience with These Accessories

Looking to maximize the potential of your sander? Consider these essential additions to your toolkit:

  • Additional sanding belts: Ensure you have the right grit for every project and keep spares on hand to avoid downtime
    • KB24850 2″ x 48″ 50 grit aluminum oxide sanding belt
    • KB24880 2″ x 48″ 80 grit aluminum oxide sanding belt
    • KB248100 2″ x 48″ 80 grit aluminum oxide sanding belt
  • Steel stand: Improve stability and precision for sanding large or heavy workpieces
    • 12-P industrial multi purpose steel stand

Sander Documents


Replacement parts

Replacement Parts 


2FSM 2″ x 48″ FAQ

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