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Having the right belt sander for your application

Having the right belt sander for your application is important and things that you need to think about prior to making your belt sander purchase also when choosing what sander is going to work best for your application you also have to take into consideration what machine is going to fit your work space and what power you have in that particular area as well.

  • First: you should think about is belt quality (good, better and best).  The better the belt quality is, the longer they last.
  • Secondly: what are you looking to do? Do you want to do general deburring? Are you looking to blend welds? And or polish for material analysis?
  • Third: what material will you be working with? Will you be working with carbon steel which an aluminum oxide belt would get the job done? And or will you be working with a super alloy which you will need a ceramic alumina belt to get the job down because the hardness of the material.
  • Fourth:  how much deburring will you be doing?  Will you be doing lite deburring and or wanting to heavier deburring.
  • Fifth: What is the material of that particular made out of? Is is made up of steel, aluminum and or plastic?
  • Sixth: What material is the main sander body made out of?
  • Seventh: What is the shape of the material that you’ll be sanding?  Is it round, square, rectangle and some other obscured shape?
  • Eighth: Will you be sanding the OD and or ID of the material?  That is a MAJOR thing to consider when making that purchase.  If your needing to sand on the ID if it’s supper tight they you’ll have to seek alternative methods. Because if those nooks and crannies are too tight you won’t be able to get a belt sander into those tight areas.
  • Ninth: Belt width and length.  The longer and wider your industrial belt sander belts are the longer those belt last which will save you money and belt replacement time.  Also the wider and larger you end up going with will have a better out come with whatever your sander.
  • Tenth: What is your belt sander made out of? If your doing heavy sanding you’ll want a machine that has more steel than plastic on the unit. Plastic won’t hold up as long in an industrial atmosphere.
  • Lastly: does your application require you to sand wet and or dry? Dry belts for dry sanders are manufactured differently, than belts for wet sanding machines.

Other things to consider when purchasing a belt sander

  • Where is that sander being produced?  All of Kalamazoo Industries sanders are produced and designed in Kalamazoo Michigan.
  • Are there replacement parts available for that belt sander? We have replacement parts available for all of belt sanders.  Click here to be redirected to the store. 
  • If the sander is manufactured here in the States where are the parts produced?   Most of our parts that go into producing our belt sander are manufactured in our machine shop here in Kalamazoo, Michigan and or manufacturing in the States.
  • What material goes into producing our equipment? When manufacturing our belt sander (depending on the size of the sander) we use steel, cast iron and some plastic. The more metal that goes into the production of the belt sander the chances of the sander life increases.
  • When changing belts on your sanding equipment.  How is it done?  There isn’t anything special about belt changing on our sanding equipment.  Except it’s quick and simple.
  • Where is the customer service and technical support located? Our customer service and technical support is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  And yes we speak English.
  • Is it simple to replace the broken part on the belt sander?  The simpler it is to change the part the better.  Because your production time is valuable.  And you have a parts that your customer is waiting for so you have to quickly get the machine back up and running.

Having the replacement parts for your sander on the shelf

Making sure your belt sander down time is kept to a minimum you should always have replacement parts kept on the shelf, so you don’t have wait for those replacement parts come in from us.  Time is valuable not to only to you but also to who ever’s parts that your cleaning up with that industrial belt sander.   That down time affects all parties involved.

The items that I would personally keep on the shelf are pulley’s, bearings, v-belts (if your machine has them), spindles and frankly sanding belts as well.

To get those sander replacement parts on order today.  Click this link here to be redirected to the online parts store and or give us a call at (269) 382-2050.

Typically replacement parts if order prior to 1:00 pm EST ship that day.  If they have to be painted yellow because of dry time they will be shipped the next business day.

Online machine quotes

Need a quote for a piece of equipment from Kalamazoo Industries? We have now added a online quotes form to our website.  We’ve done this to help you.  It breaks things down easier and spells things out so there is little to no confusion.  To a machine quote today click here to be redirected to that web page.

The reason we try and do equipment and parts quote via email is so the possibility of an error occurring is slim to none.

Having the right belt sander for your application conclusion

To sum things up. Having the right belt for your belt sander is important so you get the finish that you desire with the material that you’re working with.  Each sander by the way it’s designed will allow you to get a different finish or make it easier for you to do your job.

So give us a call at (269) 382-2050  so we can best help you find the solution for your sanding application and go to our website to check out what belt sanders we have to offer by clicking here.

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