Maintaining Your Kalamazoo Industries Equipment

Maintaining your Kalamazoo Industries equipment is more than just cleaning your machine.  Many companies and machine operators over look these critical maintenance steps that will allow your machine to operate correctly.  Properly maintaining your equipment will reduce the risk of issues arising.  Below we go over what you should do to keep your machine functioning properly.

  1. Training:  Training is huge this includes how to safely use and operate the machine on a regular basis.   Sending somebody to operate the machine without proper training isn’t ideal.  Not only could they get hurt or they could damage the machine. Doing damage to the machine void’s the equipment warranty.  Training also includes how to change a belt, wheel and evening going over the whole machine manual and proper part replacement.
  2. Understand the equipment: Understanding the equipment prior to disassembling the tool for general maintenance.
  3. Check all grease points: Not all of our tools have grease points.  But the tools that do have these grease points check frequently and add grease when needed.  Some of the bearings that we use do require grease on occasion.  Some of the pivot points  on our equipment does require grease.
  4. Check equipment for signs of wear:  We suggest taking the time weekly and thoroughly go over the machine for signs of wear.
    1. Wear can come from friction, vibration, poor alignment and operator techniques.
    2. Wear points typically are v-belts, pulley’s and areas the see a lot of movement.
  5. Keeping the machine and work environment clean:   Keeping the machine free of debris will help keep the all parts moving freely so the machine function properly.  Keeping the work environment clean will help keep debris out of electrical boxes so the electrical components don’t fail.
  6. Keep a maintenance schedule for your equipment:  We’re om the process of developing a maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment that we manufacturing to help you maintain your that equipment.  Depending on usage you should at least thoroughly clean your unit several times a week and  a minimum of once a week.   This meanings, checking grease points (if your machine has it), v-belts, coolant and bearings.

Properly Maintaining your Kalamazoo Industries equipment will keep functioning properly for many years.  Not maintaining your Kalamazoo Industries equipment will void the warranty.

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