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Maintaining your Kalamazoo Industries industrial equipment is very important to make sure it functions properly for a long time.  That means going over the abrasive chop saws, belt grinders, belt sanders, dust collectors and fixtures from top to bottom to make sure everything is secure and the unit as a whole is clean.  That means you need to check the following:

  1. Fasteners/fittings
  2. V-belts (if your unit is v-belt driven).  If loose tighten v-belts right away.
  3. Clean out the coolant tank after every shift (if you have a wet unit)
  4. Make sure all debris is removed from the unit after every shift
  5. Maintaining proper oil levels on your power down feed system using DTE hydraulic oil
  6. Changing coolant on a regular basis
  7. Replace worn out parts right away

Following these basic steps listed above will insure your Kalamazoo Industries equipment will last you a long time.

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