Kalamazoo S6MW 6 x 48 Inch Wet Sander

Kalamazoo S6MW 6 x 48 Inch Wet Sander


S6MW 6 X 48 INCH 6 x 48 Inch Wet Sander

Upgrade your workshop with the Kalamazoo S6MW! This industrial wet belt sander delivers powerful deburring, grinding, and polishing.


S6MW 6 X 48 INCH INDUSTRIAL WET SANDER, polisher, polish, 6 x 48 Inch Industrial Wet Sander
This item: Kalamazoo S6MW 6 x 48 Inch Wet Sander


Kalamazoo S6MW 6 x 48 Inch Wet Sander Features

  • Motor specifications: 3HP 1PH 230 or 3PH 230 or 460 motor.
  • Coolant tank: 10 gallons
  • Coolant pump: 1/4HP
  • Adjustable coolant nozzle with flow control ball valve
  • Belt size: 6″ x 48″
  • Belt SFPM: 2800 SFPM.
  • V-belt driven
  • Magnetic contactor and overloads with
  • Switch: 24 volts at on/off push button.
  • Reversible and replaceable steel platen 
  • Multi-position belt sander head.
  • Cast iron frame
  • Cast iron sander base
  • Heavy-duty steel belt sander sand
  • 10 gallon steel coolant tank
  • Adjustable cast iron work table, 6″ x 10″ with 5/8th slot.
  • Lever quick belt change
  • Pre-set spring belt tension.
  • Full steel OSHA guard.
  • Shipping dimensions: L 54″ x W 38″ x H 50″
  • Shipping weight: 550lbs

Benefits of Wet Belt Sanders

  • Cooler Sanding: Prevents overheating the workpiece, reducing warping and discoloration, especially on metals.
  • Superior Finishes: Achieves smoother surfaces across various materials, ideal for precision work.

Materials Suitable for Wet Sanding


  • Steel (including stainless)
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Other alloys
  • Glass: Grinding, shaping, polishing edges
  • Stone: Smoothing, polishing, shaping

Typical Applications:

  • Deburring and Cleaning: Removing burrs and blemishes from metal parts.
  • Sharpening: Tools, blades, and knives.
  • Shaping and Contouring: Creating precise forms in metal, glass, or stone.
  • Polishing: Achieving high-gloss finishes on metal or glass.

6 x 48 Inch Wet Sander Parts To Keep On The Shelf

Part Replacement

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