Kalamazoo S660MW 6×60 Inch Industrial Wet Sander

Kalamazoo S660MW 6×60 Inch Industrial Wet Sander


Kalamazoo S660MW 6 x 60 Inch Industrial Wet Sander

The Kalamazoo Industries S660MW 6 x 60 inch wet belt sander offers powerful sanding, polishing, and deburring with a flood coolant system. Its adjustable design makes it versatile for various applications.



Kalamazoo S660MW 6×60 Industrial Wet Sander Features

  • Motor: 3 HP motor with single-phase (1 PH, 230V) or three-phase (3 PH, 230V/460V) options. Specify your voltage when ordering.
  • Belt Size: 6″ x 60″
  • Platen: Reversible and replaceable steel platen for extended use.
  • Belt Speed: 2800 SFPM for efficient material removal.
  • Table: Adjustable 6″ x 10″ cast iron table with 5/8″ slot for flexible workpiece setup.
  • Frame: Durable cast iron frame for stability.
  • Belt Tracking: Easy one-knob adjustment for accurate belt tracking.
  • Belt Changes: Quick release belt tension lever for fast and easy belt changes.
  • Belt Tension: Preset spring tension for consistent performance.
  • Base: Heavy-duty steel base for reduced vibration.
  • Safety: Full safety guard for operator protection.
  • Power Delivery: V-belt drive for smooth power transfer.
  • Controls: Magnetic contactor, overload protection, and 24-volt on/off push button switch for safe operation.
  • Flood Coolant System: Coolant pump, 10-gallon tank, and adjustable nozzle with flow control for efficient cooling.
  • Shipping Weight: 475 lbs. Shipping dimensions: L 54″ x W 37″ x H 50″

S660MW 6×60 Industrial Wet Sander for Deburr, Polish, Shape Metal, and More

  • Beveling, Sanding, & Deburring: Shape and smooth metal for a clean finish.
  • Shaping & Smoothing: Create curves, rounded edges, and flat surfaces.
  • Squaring Up Ends: Ensure precise cuts and accurate angles.
  • Quick Metal Removal: Tackle tough jobs efficiently.
  • Flattening & Cleaning: Prep workpieces for further processes.
  • Polishing & Rust Removal: Achieve a refined look and protect your work.

Wet Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt Options

  • 6″ x 60″ Wet Sanding Belt – 50 Grit (Aluminum Oxide) [KWB66050]
  • 6″ x 60″ Wet Sanding Belt – 80 Grit (Aluminum Oxide) [KWB66080]
  • 6″ x 60″ Wet Sanding Belt – 100 Grit (Aluminum Oxide) [KWB660100]

S660MW Replacement Parts: Keep These on Hand

  • Idler Pulley Assembly (560-016IPA): Keeps the belt tensioned and running smoothly.
  • Cast Iron Drive Pulley (560-015): Transfers power from the motor to the belt.
  • Cast Iron Work Table (829-012): Provides a stable and durable surface for your projects.

Benefits of Owning a Kalamazoo S660MW Wet Belt Sander

  • Powerful Deburring & Finishing: Removes burrs, smooths edges, and creates satin or polished finishes on a variety of metals.
  • Wet Sanding Advantage: Reduces heat buildup, extending belt life and preventing workpiece distortion.
  • Versatile Design: Adjustable table and sanding head accommodate different workpiece shapes and angles.
  • Precise Results: Features like quick-release belt tension and easy tracking ensure consistent sanding.
  • Dust Reduction: Wet sanding system minimizes airborne dust for a cleaner, healthier workspace.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Durable cast iron frame and powerful motor built for lasting performance.
  • Safety-Minded: Full safety guard and magnetic contactor with overload protection.
  • Convenient Maintenance: Coolant system with pump and tank for easy cleaning and fluid changes.
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