Kalamazoo S10HD 10 X 90 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander

Kalamazoo S10HD 10 X 90 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander


Kalamazoo S10HD 10 X 90 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander

Kalamazoo’s S10HD tackles 10″ materials with ease. Its oscillating action extends belt life and creates a flawless finish. This 10HP beast with magnetic controls conquers industrial dry sanding. Upgrade to Kalamazoo power!


Kalamazoo S10HD 10 X 90 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander

The Kalamazoo S10HD 10 x 90 inch industrial horizontal sander is designed to deliver power, precision, superior finishes (with the correct sanding belt) and efficiency for demanding sanding applications. Its wide belt ensures superior finishes while extending the life of your sanding belts and platen. Powered by a robust 10HP motor, this American-made workhorse tackles tough jobs with ease. The magnetic controls offer user-friendly operation, simplifying your workflow. Whether you’re sanding wood, metal, or composites, the S10HD’s durability, efficiency and performance make it an ideal choice for industrial workshops.

S10HD 10 x 90 Inch Industrial Horizontal Sander Features

Belt: 10″ x 90″ for ample sanding capacity

Speed: 3500 SFPM for material removal and finishing versatility

Power: 10HP 3PH motor (230V or 460V options)

  • 220V Current: 24 amps
  • 460V Current: 12.5 amps

Controls: Easy-to-use magnetic controls with jog switch

Safety: 24V at on/off push buttons for enhanced protection

Work Area:

  • Steel reversible & steel platen: 10″ x 29″
  • Work surface: 10″ x 28″
  • Steel work rest for material support


  • Air belt tension (40-50 psi constant air pressure required)
  • Heavy-duty steel stand
  • Sealed ball bearings


  • 6″ vacuum port for dust control
  • Twin v-belts & pulley system for smooth power delivery
  • One-knob belt tracking for fast adjustments


  • Dimensions: L 65″ x W 65″ x H 60″
  • Weight: 1400 lbs.

Engineered for Power & Precision

The S10HD Horizontal Sander isn’t just a tool – it’s your workshop workhorse! Tackle a vast range of sanding applications with confidence:

  • Heavy Stock Removal: Power through material to achieve desired dimensions quickly.
  • Shaping & Refining: Bevel edges, create smooth curves, and square ends with precision.
  • Flawless Finishes: Remove scratches, old coatings, and achieve a surface ready for paint, stain, or further polishing.
  • Metal Deburring: Clean up sharp edges for safety and improved part fit-up.
  • Surface Prep: Sand wood or metal to prepare for bonding, welding, or finishing.


  • Composite Sanding: Shape and smooth fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other modern materials.
  • Rust Removal: Restore metal components by removing corrosion and oxidation.
  • Reclaiming Lumber: Turn rough-cut wood into usable material for projects.
  • Glass & Stone: With the right belts, the S10HD can even handle some glass and stone finishing tasks.

Belt Compatibility for Effortless Results

The Kalamazoo S10HD is your sanding powerhouse, ready for any task! Its compatibility with all belt types provides unmatched flexibility. Switch effortlessly between coarse grits for rapid stock removal and fine grits for smooth, polished finishes. Achieve your desired results faster with the S10HD.

Minimize Downtime. Maximize Productivity.

The S10HD is built to last, but when you need replacement parts, we’ve got you covered! Keep your sander running at peak performance with readily available components.

Get the Parts You Need, Right Now:

  • Extensive inventory of in-stock Kalamazoo 10×90″ sander parts
  • Fast, easy online ordering: Click here 
  • Expert support to ensure you get the right components
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