Kalamazoo K8B 8 Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw

Kalamazoo K8B 8 Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw


Kalamazoo K8B 8 Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw

Struggling to cut thick steel? The K8B 8″ abrasive chop saw tackles mild steel up to 1.5″ thick (2″ diameter). Its 3 HP motor delivers the power you need.



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This item: Kalamazoo K8B 8 Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw


K8B 8 Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw Benefits 

The Kalamazoo K8B 8-Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw is a tough tool that’s built small but cuts strong. It’s perfect for building sites, fixing things up, or any place you need to cut metal. It can handle pipes, metal bars, and other tough stuff with ease. And because it’s compact, you can take this powerful saw wherever your work.

Kalamazoo Saw Specifications

  • Motor: 3 HP TEFC motor 1 PH 110 or 220V and 3 PH 220 or 440V
  • Wheel Capacity: 8″ diameter
  • Spindle RPM: 4800
  • Spindle Arbor: 1/2″
  • Spindle: Steel flange
  • Loose Flange
  • Material Capacity: Cuts 1-1/2″ solid, 2″ pipe (mild steel)
  • Vise: Industrial screw vise with vise jaw
  • V-belts & Pulleys
  • Guards: Aluminum v-belt guard and wheel guard
  • Adjustable Down Stop
  • Rear Spark Deflector: Steel
  • Base & Arm: Cast iron base, cast aluminum saw arm
  • Work Length Stop: Adjustable
  • Shipping Dimensions: L 36″ x W 24″ x H 28″
  • Shipping Weight: 140 lbs.

Benefits of the K8B 8 Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw

  • Powerful Yet Portable: Packs the power you need in a compact abrasive saw for versatile jobsite use.
  • Ease of Use: Pros and hobbyists alike will appreciate its straightforward operation.
  • Built to Last: Replaceable parts ensure this jobsite abrasive saw is a long-term investment.

Enhance Your K8B with Kalamazoo Replacement Parts & Options

  • 051-001: Replacement saw v-belt
  • 701-012: Replacement spindle and tight flange
  • 044-012: Spindle bearings
  • 342-001: 7″ and 8″ abrasive wheel guard
  • KAB8N: 8-inch abrasive cutoff wheels
  • 12-P: General-purpose heavy-duty steel stand

Where the K8B 8 Inch Jobsite Abrasive Saw Excels

Fabrication Shops

  • General Metal Fabrication: Shops building structures, components, custom parts, etc.
  • Welding Shops: Preparing pieces for welds, cleaning up post-weld, cutting stock material.
  • Ornamental Ironwork: Cutting bars, rails, and decorative metal elements.

Maintenance & Repair Facilities

  • Automotive Garages: Cutting exhaust pipes, brackets, custom fabrications.
  • Industrial Maintenance: On-site repairs, modifications to machinery and equipment.
  • Facilities Maintenance: Schools, hospitals, large buildings with in-house repair teams.

DIY, Maker, & Hobbyist

  • Home Workshops: Serious DIYers tackling bigger metal projects
  • Makerspaces: Community workshops needing a reliable, robust saw
  • Artists & Sculptors: Working with smaller-scale metal pieces

Additional Applications

  • Farm & Ranch: Equipment repairs, fence modifications
  • Race Teams: Fabricating or customizing components on-location

Replacement Parts

Keep your K8B running smoothly! Replacement parts for the 8-inch jobsite abrasive chop saw are in stock in Kalamazoo, MI 49048. Purchase the parts you need today clicking here today.


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