K10WBT 10 Inch Metallurgical Wet Saw

K10WBT 10 Inch Metallurgical Wet Saw



Streamline your metallurgical analysis with the Kalamazoo K10WBT. Prevent sample distortion, save time on prep, and ensure accurate QC testing.


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This item: K10WBT 10 Inch Metallurgical Wet Saw
Spindle Arbor Size


K10WBT 10 Inch Metallurgical Wet Saw Features

  • Motor Specifications: 2HP 3Ph 220 and or 440 volts.
  • 3PH FLA: 220V 5.2 amps and 440V 2.6 amps
  • Pump FLA 115V 2.4 amps
  • Material capacity: 1.5″ solids, 2.5″ pipe
  • Heavy-duty recirculating pump
  • Fully enclosed
  • Removable access panel for motor access
  • Metal coolant tank
  • Tank capacity: 6 gallons
  • Machine RPM: 3450
  • Abrasive blade diameter: 10″ 
  • Arbor size: 5/8″ LH spindle arbor, optional: 1.250″ or 32mm
  • Controls: Magnetic controls
  • 24V at on/off push/pull buttons
  • Two robust replaceable 2-7/16 tool makers vises
  • Internal lite
  • Construction: all steel
  • Adjustable dual coolant flare nozzles with flow control ball valve
  • Wash down hose
  • T-Slot Table
  • Removable 5″ LEFT side access panel for long parts. (Will not allow the bar to pass thru the other side of the saw cabinet).
  • Shipping dimensions without stand: L 37″ x W 47″ x H 39″.
  • Shipping weight without stand: 500 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions with stand: L 48″ x W 35″ x H 69″.
  • Shipping weight with stand: 700 lbs.

10 Inch Metallurgical Wet Saw Benefits

  • Ensure Accurate Quality Control: Precise cuts give you reliable data for material analysis and inspection.
  • Save Time on Sample Prep: Efficient cutting and easy cleanup speed up steel inspection in manufacturing by ensuring samples are ready for analysis faster.
  • Protect Valuable Samples: Minimize heat damage and deformation, preventing wasted material, inaccurate results, and potential production delays.
  • Adapt to a Variety of Materials: Handle different metals and alloys used in your manufacturing processes with confidence.
  • Verify Incoming Material Quality: Check purchased materials against specifications before they enter production.
  • Catch Production Issues Early: Regular sampling and testing can reveal potential problems before they cause costly defects.
  • Maximize Lab Efficiency: Faster sample prep frees up technicians, streamlining the workflow for steel inspection and beyond.
  • Achieve Reliable Test Results: Accurate cuts are essential for valid metallurgical analysis.
  • Expand Your Lab’s Capabilities: Handle a wider range of materials and sample types.
  • Prevent Costly Production Errors: Inaccurate quality control can lead to defective products, recalls, and damage to your reputation.
  • Streamline Your QC Process: Faster sample prep means quicker identification of issues and more efficient workflows.
  • Maintain Production Schedules: Reliable QC helps avoid unexpected delays caused by material failures and rework.
  • Safeguard Your Reputation: Consistent quality control protects your brand’s image and customer trust.
  • Justify Your Equipment Investment: A durable, high-quality saw delivers long-term ROI for the lab or manufacturing facility.

Suggest Replacement Parts 

  • 292-047 K10WBT replacement spindle with tight flange
  • 292-008 replacement loose flange
  • 912-034 metallurgical saw screw vise
  •  486-063 2HP 3PH industrial motor

10 Inch Wet Saw Option

  • 12-WBT K10WBT industrial steel stand


The K10WBT 10 inch industrial metallurgical saw replacement parts are in stock and typically ship in a few business days. Click here to buy those replacement wet abrasive saw parts. 


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