Kalamazoo K10B 10 Inch Industrial Bench Saw

Kalamazoo K10B 10 Inch Industrial Bench Saw


Kalamazoo K10B 10 Inch Industrial Bench Saw

The K10B 10 Inch Abrasive Saw is a powerful and versatile machine that can be used to cut a variety of materials such 1.5 solid and 2.5 inch pipe.


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This item: Kalamazoo K10B 10 Inch Industrial Bench Saw


Kalamazoo K10B 10 Inch Industrial Bench Saw Benefits 

The Kalamazoo K10B 10 Inch Industrial Bench Saw delivers the power and reliability you need for tackling tough metal cutting projects. Its robust construction and compact footprint make it perfect for workshops and fabrication shops where space is limited. With easy-to-use controls and a focus on safety, the K10B puts dependable cutting performance within reach for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Kalamazoo Saw Specifications

  • Motor specifications: 3HP 1PH 115V or 230V and or 3PH 230V or 460V 
  • Spindle RPM specification: 3450
  • Material capacity specifications: 1 .5″ solids, 2 1/2″ pipe
  • Abrasive cutoff wheel size: 10″
  • Steel pull-down handle with plastic grip
  • Spindle arbor size specifications: 5/8th
  • Adjustable up and down stops
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Cast iron base
  • Cast iron trunnion
  • Cast aluminum saw arm
  • Steel spark deflector
  • V-belt driven
  • V-belt guard
  • Steel  and aluminum cutoff wheel guard
  • Replaceable and repairable cam lock vise
  • Adjustable work length stop
  • Industrial cam lock vise with cast iron front jaw
  • Adjustable rear cast iron fence.
  • Machine shipping dimensions: L 30″ x W” 36 x H 25″
  • Machine shipping weight: 150 lbs

Upgrade Your K10B: Bench Accessories

  • KAB10N 10 inch non-reinforced cutoff wheel
  • KAB10R 10 inch reinforced cutoff whee
  • 12-P industrial steel stand

Commonly Cut Metals:

  • Mild Steel: This is the most common type of steel the K10B will encounter. It includes both low-carbon structural steels and basic construction materials.
  • Stainless Steel: Abrasive chop saws can cut stainless steel, but you’ll need to select the correct abrasive wheel specifically designed for stainless to avoid ruining the corrosion-resistance of the material.
  • Angle Iron: An essential and versatile material often cut with abrasive chop saws.
  • Rebar: This ridged steel bar used in construction is frequently cut with an abrasive chop saw.

Chop Saw Benefits 

  • Increased tool productivity: The K10B can cut through thick materials quickly and easily with the correct abrasive wheel engineered for your metal.  This can help you save time and money.
  • Improved accuracy: The cam lock vise and adjustable work stop ensure that your cuts are precise, which can help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Increased safety: The K10B features a number of safety features, such as a spark deflector and a guard, which can help to protect you from injury.

Fast & Easy Repair Part Replacement

The K10B 10 inch industrial abrasive chop saw repair parts are in stock and shipped from Kalamazoo, MI.  Click here to buy your replacement K10B 10 inch chop saw replacement parts.


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