Kalamazoo 2FSMS 2 Inch Sander With Full Guard

Kalamazoo 2FSMS 2 Inch Sander With Full Guard


Kalamazoo 2FSMS 2 Inch Sander With Full Guard

Powerful and versatile belt sander with a full safety guard for worry-free sanding. Perfect for wood and metalworking projects.


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This item: Kalamazoo 2FSMS 2 Inch Sander With Full Guard


2FSMS 2 Inch Sander With Full Guard Features

  • Motor specifications: 1/2 HP 1PH 115V TEFC MOTOR
  • Switch type: on/off toggle switch.
  • Multi-position head
  • Belt specifications: 2 x 48 inch
  • Easy to replace a steel idler pulley with sealed bearings
  • Belt speed: 4500 SFPM
  • Construction types: All metal construction.
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Replaceable drive pulley
  • Steel adjustable tilt work table.
  • Work table dimensions: 5″ W x 2.5″ D. Can adjust approximately 20 degrees up and 45 degrees down
  • Steel adjustable platen.
  • Platen size: 2.75″ W x 8″ H. 
  • Metal full boxed guard
  • Belt changing handle.
  • Spring belt tension
  • Shipping weight: 50 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: L 12″ x W 17″ x H 28″
  • Made In The USA

Here are some examples of where the 2FSMS sander can be used, based on the previously mentioned sanding methods and materials:


  • Smoothing tabletops, chair legs, cabinet doors, and other furniture pieces.
  • Shaping curved spindles, handrails, and decorative moldings.
  • Beveling edges of picture frames, shelves, and countertops.
  • Deburring cut pieces of wood to remove splinters and rough edges.
  • Squaring up ends of boards for precise joinery.
  • Rounding corners of tabletops, shelves, and other furniture parts for safety and aesthetics.
  • Finishing work to create a smooth, polished surface ready for staining or finishing.


  • Smoothing weld seams and rough edges on metal parts.
  • Shaping curved metal components for vehicles, machinery, or tools.
  • Deburring sheet metal parts to eliminate sharp edges and burrs.
  • Sharpening edges of cutting tools, knives, and blades.

Plastic Fabrication:

  • Smoothing and shaping acrylic sheets for displays, signs, and enclosures.
  • Removing imperfections from molded plastic parts.
  • Rounding corners of plastic housings for electronics or appliances.

Knife Making:

  • Shaping knife blades from steel or other metals.
  • Sharpening edges of knives to a fine cutting edge.
  • Refining details on knife handles made from wood, bone, or other materials.

Other Applications:

  • Smoothing fiberglass boat hulls or surfboards.
  • Sanding down ceramic tiles for a smooth finish.
  • Refinishing leather furniture or automotive upholstery.
  • Shaping rubber gaskets or seals for industrial equipment.


  • KB24850 2″ x 48″ 50 grit belt
  • KB24880 2″ x 48″ 80 grit belt
  • KB248100 2″ x 48″ 100 grit belt
  • 12-P general purpose steel stand


All parts for the 2FSMS 2 inch bench sander with full boxed guard are in stock. Click here to be taken to this machine online replacement parts store.


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