Pro Level 8 x 60 Inch Power Sander: Kalamazoo S8D

If you’re serious about metalworking, you need a powerful sander that delivers pro-level results. The Kalamazoo S8D 8 x 60 inch belt sander is built tough and packed with features to help you tackle all kinds of sanding and deburring jobs.

What Makes the S8D 8 x 60 Inch Power Sander Awesome?

  • Powerful Motor: Gets the job done fast and handles even tough materials with ease.
  • Big Work Area: The 8×60 inch belt lets you work on larger pieces.
  • Adjustable Table: Get the perfect angle for your work thanks to the cast iron worktable.
  • Built to Last: All steel construction means this sander is made for heavy-duty, pro-level use.

Metalworking Tasks It Excels At

  • Deburring: Quickly remove sharp edges after cutting or machining metal for a professional finish.
  • Smoothing: Create smooth, even surfaces on all types of metal for pro-level results.
  • Shaping: Round edges, create curves, and achieve custom shapes with precision.
  • Leveling: Make uneven metal surfaces perfectly flat for a flawless fit.
  • Cleaning and Prep: Remove rust, old paint, or scale before welding or finishing for projects that last.

Projects Perfect for the S8D

  • Knife Making: Shape blades, grind bevels, and achieve a satin finish – just like the pros.
  • Automotive Restoration: Remove rust, smooth body panels, and prep for paint for showroom-quality results.
  • Furniture & Metal Art: Create unique textures, smooth joints, and shape metal components for one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • General Fabrication: Get clean edges, precise angles, and professional results on every project.

Want to see This Pro-level Sander In Action?

Visit the Kalamazoo Industries website at for videos, specs, and more. Or, give their friendly team a call at (269) 382-2050 – they love helping people find the perfect tools for pro-level work!