Having the right abrasive cutoff saw for your application is important for various reason’s.   Not every cutoff saw for various reason’s is not going to cut your steel or not cut it efficiently.  It could be under powered, I’m cutting hard metal, the pulley speed may not match what the cutoff wheel is designed to run at, it may take a long time to cut and it’s burning my material.

Below is a list of questions that HAVE to be answered so we can match up the appropriate cutoff saw for your cutting your metal:

  • What material are you cutting?
  • How are you cutting it now?
  • How many cuts per day?
  • Solid or tubing?
  • Maximum material size?
  • Minimum material size?
  • Wet or dry?
  • Enclosed or open?
  • Type of cuts required? (metallurgy or production?)

You having these questions answered that are listed above will help us to determine what saw is going to work best for your application.  We also can do test cut’s to help determine which saw is going to work.

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