Why isn’t my abrasive cutoff wheel not cutting my material? We go over a few reason’s why this happens in this article and how to fix them.

First: we want to start off with what material that your cutting, material sizes, etc.  There are many different types, grits and wheel grades that are manufactured so your going to help to play around with that.  We suggest contacting Allison Abrasives they have area reps who can go over wheel types and grades to start off with.  Their phone number is (859) 792-3033.

IMPORTANT: Rule of thumb when choosing a cutoff wheel is: harder the material the softer the blade.  Softer the material is the harder the blade.

Second: part placement is another thing you need to pay close attention to.  When placing your part into the cutoff saw make sure your part is front of center.  Center is the actual saw spindle.   What does happen when it’s at center or behind center your blade tends to grab the material and bounce instead actually cutting the material.

Third: spindle and wheel RPM.  Getting the cutoff wheel as close to the spindle spindle but not over will help with abrasive cutoff wheel performance.

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