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Kalamazoo Industries Inc. KVF3 vibratory finisher is built with a 1HP 1PH 110V motor with timer switch.

Great for deburring, polishing, de-rusting, finishing!

3.3 cubic ft. U shaped tub rotates media to polish, deburr, peen all types of material !

Uses a wide variety of media such as ceramics, steel shot, plastics to achieve mirror finishes on aluminum, steel and most metals.  Included coolant tank on the rear of the unit sprays a fine mist into the tub to lubricate the parts and the standard 1 hr. timer can be set  for short or long runs without constant attention.  The urethane lining lasts for years and can be replaced when needed at the factory.  

Send us your parts for testing here at the factory. A part you like and a rough part is all we need to test and the only real way to tell what media works best on your application. Be sure to include all company contact information when sending in test parts. Please see the company address on our website. MADE IN THE USA!


KVF3 Vibratory Finisher Specifications

  • 3.3 cubic ft. capacity

  • Quiet operation with lid !!!

  • 500 lbs capacity, compact design!

  • Portable-on wheels, unload media into bucket from end of machine.

  • Vibra action rotates media with water spray/coolant pump and tank.

  • Easy to load and unload from tub end chute.

  • Rugged construction

  • Steel tub w/cast urethane lining

  • Specifications:

  • Cabinet: 36″ W x 27″ D x 36″ H

  • Tub: 28″ L x 15″ W x 15″ H

  • Motor: 1 hp, 1 phase 110 VAC ,with timer.

  • Shipping weight: 725 LBS

  • Model: KVF3

  • Made in USA

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Watch the video below to hear the reduction in volume when the lid is closed.