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A1 5C Collet Indexing Fixture

The 5C multi position is a heavy duty fixture designed to be used in heavy use work environments.  Can be used in tool rooms, small and large machine shops.  The head where the collet and or chuck is mounted to be adjusted from 0 degree to 100+ degrees.  Cast iron and steel go into producing this fixture so if maintained properly will last along time.

A1 5C Collet Indexing Fixture Description

  • Universal indexer with 24 space ring, 5C Collet taper in spindle nose.
  • Takes 4″ chuck, 3 jaw, (not included) #3434 chuck.
  • Head can be angled from 0 deg. to 100+ deg.
  • Indexes quickly and easily, spindle locks in positive position.
  • Can be dismantled in seconds for easy cleaning. Changing index rings gives numerous combinations of divisions.
  • Spindle locks with index pin and/or horseshoe rings at rear of spindle.
  • For drill presses, milling machines, grinders and layout work.
  • 22 lbs. Made in USA !!!
  • Model: A1
  • Options:
    • AT tailstock. # AT
    • 3 jaw chuck, # 1034
    • Blank index ring # AR-O
    • 20 space index ring # AR20
    • 36 space index ring # AR36

Replacement Parts

There are replacement parts available for this indexing fixture.   To get those replacement parts on order click here to be take to this index fixture online replacement part store.

A1 5C Collet Indexing Fixture, 5c collet
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