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Kalamazoo Industries 5C collet indexing fixture is designed to be indexed at various degrees.  The 5C collet fixture can be used in various drilling, milling and grinding applications.

Kalamazoo Industries 5C collet indexing fixture comes standard with a cast iron body, index plate that can be changed easily, easy to index, come standard with 24 notch index ring, precision ground spindle, and a base that’s slotted so it can be mounded to any top.

As with all Kalamazoo Industries equipment, the 5C index fixture is made in Kalamazoo USA! Contact us with your application today at (269) 382-2050.

  • Index fixture with 24 space ring and draw nut.(index rings 0-36 spaces available)
  • For drilling, milling, grinding and locating angles.
  • Index ring easily changed by pulling spindle out and sliding new ring on.
  • Use in vertical position with angle plate.
  • Precision ground spindle.
  • Rugged, Plate can be bolted to top for drill bushing.
  • Quality built in Kalamazoo, MI
  • Model : #5C complete with 24 space index ring and draw nut.
  • Options:
    • AT standard tailstock # AT
    • AS stub arbor w/ 1″ -10 thd. # AS
    • AR-20 20 space index ring
    • AR-36 36 space index ring
    • LC Lever collet closer. # LC ( see product index)
  • Made in USA!
  • Cast iron body
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