BGM248 2 X 48 Inch Blade Grinder

BGM248 2 X 48 Inch Blade Grinder


BGM248 2 X 48 Inch Blade Grinder

BGM248 2 x 48-inch compact blade sharpener is a multi-position heavy-duty grinder designed to sharpen lawn mower blades and other tools quickly while keeping them.

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This item: BGM248 2 X 48 Inch Blade Grinder


BGM248 2 X 48 Inch Blade Grinder Features

  • Motor specifications: 1/2HP 1PH 115V motor.
  • Switch specifications:  on/off toggle switch.
  • Belt dimensions: 2″ x 48″.
  • Belt speed: 7200 SFPM.
  • Multi-position belt grinder head.
  • Contact wheel specifications: 8″ OD  x 2 W” serrated 70 durometer contact wheel.
  • Steel grinder base 
  • Steel frame construction.
  • Pre set spring belt tension.
  • Quick one knob sanding  belt tracking.
  • Adjustable work table
  • Adjustable and removable steel platen.
  • Steel blade fixture.
  • Fixture dimensions 19″ W x 3.75″ D 
  • Shipping weight: 55 LBS.
  • Shipping dimensions: 12″ L X 17″ W X 28″ H

Grinding and Sharpening Applications

  • Knives: From kitchen cutlery to hunting and pocket knives, the BGM248 tackles them all.
  • Axes and Hatchets: Restore razor-sharp edges for efficient chopping and splitting.
  • Chisels and Plane Blades: Sharpen both flat and bevel chisels, along with plane blades for smooth woodworking.
  • Scissors: Revitalize dull scissors for precise cutting tasks.
  • Mower Blades: Maintain a clean and even lawn by keeping your mower blades sharp.
  • Drill Bits: Sharpen various drill bit types for optimal performance and hole quality.
  • Gardening Tools: Sharpen shears, pruners, and loppers for effortless garden maintenance.
  • Machetes and Hunting Tools: Gain a reliable edge for clearing brush, chopping wood, and field dressing.
  • Screwdrivers and Punches: Achieve better grip and driving power with sharpened screwdrivers and punches.
  • Metal Shears and Tin Snips: Enhance cutting precision and control with sharpened metal shears and tin snips.
  • Antique Tools: Restore and preserve the functionality of heirloom tools with careful sharpening.
  • Industrial Applications: Sharpen industrial knives, blades, and cutting tools for various machinery.

Remember: While the BGM248 is versatile, always research and use appropriate belt and techniques for specific tools and materials to ensure optimal results and safety.

Tool Grinder Options

  • 12-P plain top steel stand
  • KB24850 2″ X 48″ 50 grit aluminum oxide belt.
  • KB24880 2″ X 48″ 80 grit aluminum oxide belt.
  • KB248100 2″ X 48″ 100 grit aluminum oxide belt.


We suggest that you keep spare parts on the shelf, so you’re only down for as long as you need to be.  Below is a list of suggested items to keep on the shelf are the following:

  • 936-018 8″ x 2″ serrated 70 duro contact wheel.
  • 936-003 idler pulley.
  • 829-004 adjustable steel work table.

Replacement Parts

All abrasive industrial grinder parts are replaceable, including the mower fixture for the BGM248 2 x 48 inch tool sharpener.  All major components are in stock (the blade fixture has to be manufactured) and shipped from Kalamazoo, MI 49048.   Click here to buy your belt grinder replacement parts.

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