Kalamazoo S8W 8 x 60 Inch Wet Sander: Power And Precision

Kalamazoo S8W 8 x 60 Inch Wet Sander: Power And Precision

The Kalamazoo S8W 8 x 60 inch wet sander tackles deburring, shaping, polishing, and more. Features include a 7.5HP motor, wet cooling, and easy belt tracking for precision results.

Kalamazoo S8W 8 x 60 Inch Wet Sander Features

  • Motor: 7.5 HP, 3-phase (specify 220V or 440V when ordering)
  • Belt Size: 8″ x 60″
  • Belt Speed: 3500 SFPM
  • Power Consumption:
    • Sander: 230V 20.2 amps / 440V 10.1 amps
    • Pump: 230V 0.9 amps / 460V 0.52 amps
  • Air Belt Tension: 40-50 PSI required
  • Safety & Control: Magnetic contactor, overload protection, 24V on/off with jog button
  • Construction: Robust steel stand and frame, adjustable cast iron work table (5/8″ miter gauge slot)
  • Work Area: Replaceable steel platen (working surface: 8″W x 13″H), adjustable leveling pins
  • Shipping: Dimensions: L 55″ x W 39″ x H 74″, Weight: 775 lbs.

Key Features

  • Wet Sanding Advantage: Integrated pump and tank system for cooler metalworking, reduced dust, and smoother finishes.
  • Powerful & Precise: Effortlessly tackles demanding metalworking tasks.
  • Built to Last: Heavy-duty construction for long-term reliability.
  • Easy Operation: One-knob belt tracking, intuitive controls.

Key Applications of the Kalamazoo S8W Vertical Wet Sander

  • Deburring & Smoothing: Create clean edges and flawless metal surfaces.
  • Shaping & Beveling: Produce custom shapes and precise angles.
  • Flattening & Squaring: Achieve perfect flatness and square ends for accurate project assembly.
  • Heavy Metal Removal: Efficiently handle demanding material removal tasks.
  • Wet Polishing & Cleaning: Get a smooth, polished finish and remove imperfections.
  • Sharpening: Restore the cutting power of blades, tools, and other metal implements.

Maintain Your S8W: Essential Replacement Parts

Ensure your Kalamazoo S8W wet belt sander operates at peak performance with these key replacement parts:

  • 560-024 Idler Pulley (Sealed Bearings): Keeps your belt running smoothly.
  • 051-011 Replacement V-Belt: Provides reliable power transmission.
  • 131-020 Belt Tension Cylinder: Enables quick and easy belt adjustments.
  • 560-023 Drive Pulley: Transfers power efficiently from your motor.
  • 577-002 Coolant Pump: Essential for the wet sanding system.
  • 563-004 Steel Platen: Provides a durable work surface.
  • 044-014 Bearing House Bearing Set: Ensures smooth and long-lasting operation.
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