Benchtop Belt Sanders for Wood, Metal & More

When you need serious sanding capabilities and high performance, but you don’t want to sacrifice workshop space or surface finishes, Kalamazoo Industries benchtop belt sanders are the answer. These compact yet powerful machines excel at a wide range of tasks, making them indispensable for woodworkers, metalworkers, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Explore Kalamazoo Industries’ selection of benchtop belt sanders today!

What Can You Do With a Benchtop Belt Sander?


  • Rapidly flatten boards and create smooth surfaces
  • Shape curves, bevels, and intricate details
  • Achieve professional-looking finishes with ease


  • Remove burrs and sharp edges
  • Clean up welds and castings
  • Polish and refine metal surfaces
  • And More: With the right grit, benchtop belt sanders can even handle certain plastics, composites, and other materials.

The Advantages of Kalamazoo Tabletop Belt Sanders

  • Precision Meets Power: Smaller footprint than floor-standing models, yet still delivers controlled sanding.
  • Versatility: Change grits to go from aggressive stock removal to fine finishing.
  • Stability: Worktable offers better support than handheld sanders, reducing fatigue and improving accuracy.

Kalamazoo Industries: American-Made Tabetop Belt Sanders

We offer a range of high-performance benchtop belt sanders built to handle your toughest projects:

  • 1SM 1 x 42 inch Belt Sander: The compact workhorse for woodshops and garages.
  • 2FSM 2 x 48 inch Belt Sander: Larger capacity for bigger workpieces.
  • S4S 4 x 36 inch Belt Sander: Precision sanding for demanding applications.
  • S6M 6 x 48 inch Belt Sander: Unmatched material removal and adaptability.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Workshop

Ready to upgrade your sanding? Explore the Kalamazoo Industries benchtop belt sander lineup at [] or call us at (269) 382-2050 to discuss your specific needs.