The KM16-18 18 Inch Mitre Saw Beast

Calling all metalworkers, welders, and DIY masters! Are you tired of wrestling with clunky saws that struggle through tough cuts? Introducing the Kalamazoo KM16-18 18 inch abrasive mitre saw, the industrial-grade hero ready to tackle your biggest, baddest metal projects.

This ain’t your average saw. Imagine a machine so powerful it can slice through 3-inch solid steel like butter. Or picture making precise angles on 4.5-inch pipes with laser-sharp accuracy. That’s the kind of muscle the KM16-18 brings to the table.

What Can The 18 Inch Mitre Saw Beast Cut?

  • Carbon steel: The most common type of steel, no problem!
  • Pipes and shapes: Round, square, or funky shapes, the KM16-18 cuts them all.
  • Solid stock: From thick bars to hefty plates, this saw devours them.
  • Other ferrous metals: Iron, stainless steel, even cast iron, the KM16-18 takes it all in stride.

But muscle ain’t everything. The KM16-18 is packed with features that make tough cuts a breeze:

  • Dual cam vises: Clamp down on your metal with rock-solid security, no matter the shape.
  • Adjustable mitres: Make perfect angled cuts from 0 to 45 degrees, left or right.
  • Positive stops: Click into pre-set angles for quick, repetitive cuts.
  • Magnetic switch: Safety first! Easily turn the saw on and off with a simple flick.

Think the KM16-18 sounds like a dream come true? It is! Here’s what you’ll gain by bringing this beast into your workshop:

  • Effortless cutting: Save time and energy with a saw that powers through thick metal like a hot knife through butter.
  • Precision cuts: No more wonky angles or uneven edges. The KM16-18 delivers professional-grade accuracy every time.
  • Versatility: Cut a wide range of metal shapes and sizes, all with one machine.
  • Durability: Built in the USA with top-quality materials, this saw is built to last for generations.

Ready to unleash your inner welding and metalworking master? Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Visit your local Kalamazoo Industries dealer today and experience the power of the KM16-18 18″ abrasive mitre saw. Your welding and metal projects will thank you!