Craft with Precision: The 2FS72M 2 X 72 Inch Grinder

Are you ready to take your metalworking and knife-making projects to the next level?  If so, the Kalamazoo 2FS72M 2 x 72 Inch Industrial Grinder is your ultimate solution. 

Power-Packed Features

The Kalamazoo 2FS72M has a 1/2Hp 1PH 115V motor, providing the muscle needed for your most challenging tasks.  Its on/off toggle switch ensures easy operation.  The 2″ x 72″ belt size, which accepts all belt types, offers a large surface area for your projects.

Speed and Precision

One standout feature is the impressive belt speed of 7200 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute).  This high speed allows for quick and cool material removal, essential for metalworkers and knife makers.  The sealed ball bearings in the idler pulley ensure smooth and consistent performance.

Versatile Adjustability

The multi-position grinder head allows you to work at adjustable angles, making beveling, deburring, and contouring a breeze.  You can switch between tasks with preset spring belt tension and quick belt changes. The one-knob belt tracking ensures your belts stay in line.

Worktable and Platen

The machine also includes an adjustable and removable steel work table, offering flexibility.  The steel platen, which is also flexible and removable, is also perfect for slack belt grinding and sharpening.

Serrated Contact Wheel

The 8″ x 2″ 70 duro standard serrated contact wheel provides excellent control and precision for your projects.

Built to Last

This industrial grinder features a steel umbrella belt guard, enhancing safety and durability.  The machine is shipped with a weight of 60 lbs. and dimensions of L 17″ x W 13″ x H 38″, making it a sturdy addition to your workshop.

Your Metalworking Companion

The Kalamazoo Industries 2FS72M will tackle a wide range of tasks, including beveling, deburring, squaring-up ends, rounding corners, flatwork, contouring, blade sharpening, heavy metal removal, sharpening knives, hollow grinding, slack belt grinding, sharpening tools, weld cleanup, removing paint, and tool sharpening.

Explore Belt Options

It’s important to note that different sanding belt types can give you a range of finishes.  With the 2″ x 72″ belt size, you can experiment and achieve your desired finish.

Replacement Parts and Support

For your convenience, replacement parts are available.  You can trust that the 2FS72M 2 x 72 inch industrial belt grinder parts are in stock and shipped from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  This ensures easy access to the necessary components to keep your machine in top condition.

Craft with Precision Today

Whether you are a seasoned metalworker or starting your knife-making journey, the 2FS72M 2 x 72 Inch Industrial Grinder is your trusted companion.  Elevate your craft, enhance your precision, and experience the efficiency of this powerful tool.

Invest in the 2FS72M and watch your metalworking and knife-making projects reach new heights.  It’s more than a grinder; it’s a tool that transforms your workshop into a hub of creativity and precision.  Take advantage of the opportunity to own this exceptional industrial grinder.

To buy your 2FS72M 2 x 72 Inch Industrial Grinder and explore the world of possibilities it offer’s, click here.