Is your sanding belt tracking anymore? There are three main reason why your sanding belt isn’t tracking or staying tracked on your belt sander.

  1. The crown on your drive pulley is worn out.  This is common especially if you use your belt sander often.  You can’t re-crown that pulley we take it down just enough to have that needed crown in the center.  If you take any more material off of that pulley it wont track.  Either way that pulley will have to be replaced.   To check for crown take a straight edge ruler lay it parallel on the pulley and see if you can rock it if you can’t then you know it’s time to replace that pulley.  
  2. The belt is incorrectly cut and glued.  What we often tell people is if one belt in your new box of belts is faulty than all are bad and go back to whom ever you purchase the belt from and get a different box of belts.
  3. The last major reason your belt sander isn’t tracking anymore is there could be debris and gunk build up on the tension shaft which could cause that shaft not to fully extend. The solution is that you will need to thoroughly clean that whole area so that yoke and shaft can fully extend.

 Follow those three points listed above you will get your industrial belt sander tracking properly.


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