Clamping Properly and Proper Part Placement for Kalamazoo Industries Saws

Clamping your workpiece and placing it in the correct position are essential for safe and efficient cutting with a Kalamazoo cutoff saw. By following this simple guideline will help you improve your cutting process.

Clamping your workpiece

When clamping your workpiece, it is important to use clamps that are strong enough to hold the material in place, even under the force of the saw blade. It is also important to clamp the workpiece on both sides of the saw blade when possible, to prevent it from moving while being cut
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Proper part placement

When cutting with a Kalamazoo Industries abrasive saw, it is best to position the workpiece so that the cut is made in front of the center of the saw blade. This will help to ensure that the workpiece is held while being cut, and that the saw blade does not draw the material up while cutting.
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Part Placement

Safety tips

Always wear safety glasses when operating a Kalamazoo saw.
If you are cutting a long piece of material, be sure to support the end of the material. This will help to prevent the material from flexing and vibrating, which can lead to inaccurate cuts.

Clamping and Part Placement Conclusion

By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure that your cuts are safe and accurate when using a Kalamazoo Industries saw. Always remember to clamp your workpiece and place it in the correct position before making a cut.