Your Steel Cutting Solution: K12-14 14 Inch Wet Saw

Are you looking for a steel cutting solution for cutting and inspecting mild steel?  The K12-14W 14 inch manual wet abrasive saw might be the tool you’re looking for.  This saw offers cutting capabilities for 2.5″ solid steel and 3″ pipe, leaving a clean finish when paired with the correct abrasive wheel.

Achieving Exceptional Cut Finishing

To achieve exceptional cut finishing with the K12-14W, a few key components and options are worth considering:

  1.   Correct Abrasive Wheel: Choosing the right abrasive wheel is fundamental to obtaining a clean finish. The 14″ abrasive cutoff wheel is ideal for this purpose, ensuring efficient and precise cuts.
  1.   Air/Oil Power Down Feed System (Part Number PH-14): Adding this system to your K12-14W saw is a game-changer. It provides a consistent feed rate, improving cut finishing.  This feature is particularly valuable for achieving smooth and polished results.
  1.   Oscillation: If you want to take cut finishing to the next level, consider the optional oscillation feature.  This function slightly rocks the wet saw head back and forth during cutting, breaking the arc of contact.  The result is a polished metal finish when using the correct wheel.  This feature is available when purchased alongside the air/oil power-down feed system.

Standard Features

The K12-14W comes with a set of standard features:

  • 14″ saw (abrasive wheel not included)
  • 5HP motor, available in 1PH (230V only) and 3PH (230V or 460V, specify voltage)
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 1″ spindle arbor
  • Pump and tank system for wet cutting
  • And much more
  • Made in Kalamazoo, MI

This impressive saw is designed, fabricated and assembled in Kalamazoo, Michigan, underlining its quality and reliability.

To explore more about the K12-14W 14″ manual wet abrasive saw and its features, visit our website by click here. This saw is designed to be a valuable addition to your metalworking toolkit, ensuring precise, clean cuts on mild steel, and offering options to achieve the desired finish.