contact us for pricing and or application questions. we can be reached at (269) 382-2050.
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Test cuts

In the market for an abrasive cutoff saw and not sure where to start?  Just send in your test pieces for us to do some test cuts.  Where we generally start off with are the following questions so can determine what we offer will work.  Those questions are as follows:

  • What material are you cutting?
  • How are you cutting it now?
  • How many cuts per day?
  • Solid or tubing?
  • Wet or dry?
  • Enclosed or open?
  • Type of cuts required? (metallurgy or production?)

Then if we determine if one of our abrasive cutoff saws can do the job we’ll have you send in your material so we can do some test cuts.  By doing this we can determine what saw is going to get the job done and what cutoff wheel will cut your material.

Part replacement 

What’s great about our equipment is that all of our standard replacement parts are kept in stock and generally ship out in a day or two. Click here to order your standard parts online today.  Made to order parts generally would ship out in a week or two depending what has to be done.

In conclusion

Give us a call at (269) 382-2050 to discuss your application and then if we determine that our abrasive chop saws will get the job we’ll have you send in your material to cutoff on our test saws to determine will work best for you and also which wheel will work.   In the mean time click here to take a look at our abrasive cutoff saws.